Why An Atheist Like Me Became The Shiva Worshiper?

2 min readJun 22, 2022

I am following what my heart says, now its full of love for lord Shiva.

Photo by Ankit Dandhare on Unsplash

Hey Everyone, If you have opened up this by reading the title, I’m sure you have already started your spiritual journey. You may be clueless, confused and bewildered about so may things — wait everything will get clear during the journey.

Let me tell you, I am also going through the same.

Before we deep dive, let me explain a bit about shiva for those who don’t know about this amazing and facinating God in Hinduism. Shiva is beleived to be the god of god and a being with so much of power. The entire philophy of hinduism revolves around him as he is the one who create and destroy to balance the universe. There is a lot to talk about him but I leave it here for your curiosity.

Now, why am I worshiping him?

Why not other gods as there are millions in the hinduism?

I don’t have any specific answer as such and to be honest, this is something which came from inside.

Actually, When I read about shiva I realised that he was with so much love and power yet the dark side was dominating him. He potrays a character with pure love for good and lethal for evil. Simplicity in the character is adorable. There is so much to learn and experience from the god itself.

Best part about his character is reflection of Yoga and Tapa (meditation).

When I sit for prayer, I feel something inside me which is raw and pure. To my surprise, I realised it after practicing yoga and prayer that too after inspiring from lord Shiva.

Purpose to write this here is not to justify or give deep insight about my belief but to tell you all, few things are unexplored within you.

And no one is stopping you to do that.




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