What Meditation Did To Me Can Happen With You

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“It heals you at the very core and liberates you from the very existence.”

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As per science, meditation has been shown to have a variety of positive effects on the brain, including changes in brain structure and function. However, there are much more effects of meditation in your life that can be observed than some scientific researchers claim.

I personally did meditation for a year regularly and got tremendous insights about it. The changes in me are irreversible and strong. I may not be able to explain each of them but I have figured out a few which are absolutely mind-bending for me. Here are those;

I Regret Less Than The Earlier

We regret because it is a natural emotional response to a situation where we believe that we made a poor decision or acted in a way that resulted in negative consequences. However, It serves as a reminder to make better choices in the future and can motivate individuals to improve their behavior, but it sucks when it’s too frequent.

When you Meditate you just let go of certain things which don’t matter at the core. It makes you realise how little control you have got and that is completely okay that things are not turning out how you wanted them to be.

“Meditation makes you let go, person”

I Sleep Less And Think Less Too

We sleep because it plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health. During sleep, the body is able to repair and rejuvenate cells, tissues and organs. It also helps to consolidate memories and process emotions. Additionally, sleep is necessary for regulating mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

Now you get the point here that what sleep does with your body and brain, meditation does the same with them. As a result, you need less sleep. But if you are awake your brain may wander over the top always. Well, that’s not the exact truth. The more you relax and heal the less your brain wanders. You are a tired thinker because you don’t let go of it easily.

“Meditation brings the ultimate awareness with bliss.”

I Am Taking Decisions As If I Am Told To Take

This may sound weird to you but this is what changed for me. I used to take the entire accountability for all my choices and decisions and used to wonder what if this go wrong. Now I feel like a conscious actor who is being told and trusted to do what I do. The rights and wrongs are the results but I have my duty to perform actions. This way I feel lighter and quick to take action and make my own decisions. But, at the same time, I take all the pain to get blamed if things go wrong as I am the face of the action.

“Meditation gets you to the point where you see the existence of supreme power around you just like an intangible energy source.”

What started as habit exercise got into a spiritual experience and a lot more fun sitting with closed eyes. Meditation is never linked to any religion or belief system, It’s an experience that will help you explore the entire universe inside you.

Let’s catchup if you find this helpful and motivated you to get started with your jounery .

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