Three Ways To Find What Success Means To You

2 min readMay 8, 2022


We hear a lot from leaders and influencers what needs to be done to become a successful person, but very less talk about what does the success mean.

I have used so many parameter to determine the same for me but can’t stop myself to sharing three as these are the most powerful one.

Finding Strongest self

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As each stone is important in this pile to achieve the height, you need to identify the strongest stone out of all. Your success will be truest and sustainable, only when you put the biggest and strongest one in the bottom.

Finding Happy Self

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When you reach to the point, you will find yourself alone as others have changed their mind and path altogether. Would you still feel happy and accomplished? Just think about such goals, you may find one to determine true success.

Finding Yourself

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Imagine the holiday which got cancel just because of one important project. It happened just because your time was rented by someone who paid you. You lose yourself just because you didn’t own the very own time. Owning time may determine your success.




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