Three principles of spiritual financing

Let me tell you one thing which you are going to take learn today is “Three basic spiritual way to enhance wealth”. In a true sense, it will help you to understand the new world concept of spiritualty along with finance

Why I say spiritual financing?

A very simple reason is because it’s more towards making your personnel finances grow by practicing simple principles. It will help you grow spiritually at first place then financially with gradual efforts.

Discipline is the key of your un-accessed wealth

We all know a very basic concept about financing- “It’s not about how much you earn rather its about how much you save”. In simple words, do save your money even or cry for money through out life. But the fact is inflation will make your money lesser as time passes. So why to save money? Yes, you should save money and put it on work so it will multiply for you. I’m only arguing for putting savings for right work so it multiplies.

When we think of life we mostly ignore the money rather we focus on happiness and satisfaction. As I go close and see my life, I understood money plays a huge role in your life which very few spiritual gurus will talk about. Because most of them are as bad as us with money.

Let me take you to straight discipline which will help you a lot just to start with. Follow 50–50 rule - 50% of earning for needs and rest 50% for wellbeing (Physical, Mental, Social and dreams) . Just start with this bucketing once you get your earning for this month. Or you go retrospective and try to do this bucketing with already spent money. You will see huge difference within you. Follow this discipline religiously any you will see your awareness increasing which will push you to become more discipline.

Never be greedy

This concept always fascinates me about my desires for life. When I go back and check on my desirers deeply, I never find any greed neither to become rich. But, of course the power to be able to benefits other by each action always attracts me. So the point is, greed is a negative emotion and most difficult to differentiate from the high risk taking mentality. However, at the same time it is the highest impulse which can either make you or break you.

So here is the method to draw a thin line between greed and risk. The greed is simply a non-calculative risk which has either 0% or 100% possibility (hit and try). You can only avoid greed if you somewhere lie between 0 and 100%. So it shouldn’t be hit and try. Try to bring it to the level of good sleep at night after putting your extra money on something. If you can sleep well with the compassion and gratitude that means you are not greedy neither you will be arrogant after success.

Use your wealth to reduce others pain

I read a lot about big startups and their founders. The most common thing among them is everyone has a passion to solve the problem for people. Very few of them were solving theirs without realizing that the same problems are faced by millions. So it is as simple as it seems. Solve problems for others, reduce their pain they will reward you for efforts.

Money lying with you may or may not make much difference for you but it can create magic for others. This is how you are going to fulfill the power of giving principle.

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