Power of Taking Action — The Key To Success And Fulfilment

3 min readJan 29, 2023


“Let us run the risk of wearing out rather than rusting out — T. Roosevelt.”

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When was the last time you made a big decision and took action with a higher conviction? Try to put out those moments from your memory and see whether the action created the opportunity or you took the action because of an opportunity. Well, hard to analyze right? It was an action that created the opportunity. Let’s see how

Taking action toward your goal gives you the best chance of achieving them. Simply thinking and dreaming about what you want is not enough. Concrete steps towards making a dream happen to make you fulfilled. When you take action, you’re making a statement to yourself and the world that you are serious about your intentions.

Most of us are not happy and fulfilled, struggling to avoid envy, hate, and depression on daily basis. We all are harsh with our brains trying to make things happen just by thinking. The irony is our brain is the most efficient organ in the entire body which dominates the body itself by keeping it idle. The brain gives a sweet signal when your body doesn’t do anything and it gets the most job done by itself. Just because you have left the control open, your brain is commanding you.

To take the command back, taking the first step against the thought tells your brain that we are serious about it and the brain accepts you as a commander for further actions and decisions.

Action Does Miracles

When you are feeling afraid or unsure, taking a small step in the direction of your goal can help you build momentum. You’ll find that as you take action, your fears will begin to diminish, and you’ll gain a greater sense of control over your life.

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing- T Roosevelt

Taking action opens up new opportunities and possibilities. When you take the initiative and do something, doors will open that you may have never even known existed.

Action Gravitate Positive Results

Action and result are correlated in that the result is often a consequence of the action taken. The relationship between action and result can be seen as cause and effect. The Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu scripture, teaches that action (karma) is a fundamental aspect of existence and is necessary for holistic growth. The idea is to act selflessly, with a sense of duty and devotion to the purpose.

As no distance can be covered just by thinking about the destination, no one can get results just by planning and not executing anything. The one question we should ask ourselves is why we even need the motivation to take an action if we have survived till here.

We are human and here to take action before we die, We do not admire the man of timid peace, we admire the man who embodied victorious effort. And that is what you are supposed to be; the “Human of Action”.




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