How to build a habit that gives you 100x growth?

3 min readAug 12, 2022


No it’s not easy, you need a solid plan now.

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Acquiring good habits changed me alot and I never knew its a process of consistently hitting with the fun element into it.

Even if this sounds cliched to you, just read it once, you won’t get disappointed for sure.

I am fascinated to a change and I want everyday to be a different than previous. But , what I don’t want is to loose good habits and people came in my life. That made me discover a way which is absolutel rescue for my problems.

I was literally struggling to get the light at the end of tunnel while developing new habit in my daily routine. That made me so much pissed off in many a time to the extent where I accepted myself a big time daydreamer without actions.

It took me 4 years of reading and experiments with my routine to understand the pattern and many hit and trials to get succeed in the recipe of this secret sauce. However, the recipe is old but have added my own flavours and made it completely delicious and satisfying.

Here are my flavours to the recipe: step by step

How do I choose habits?- 3 checks

  1. Habit that I want my kids to have for a healthy and wealthy life.
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2. Habit that can re-energise me and I would love to follow it.

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3. Habit that can fit in my system to become permanent.

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If all three points are ticked, this is the habit which I want to acquire

Now, how do I acquire them?- 3 ways:

Habit takes Patience

Since each habit takes time (Ideally 3 weeks without breaks) to become a part of routine, I choose one for a month and religiously follow them without fail. The focus and invested time makes a big time impression in my brain. I do not allow any other thing in this world to interrupt me in between; be it deadlines for projects, family outings etc. That’s how

Do not choose multiple together, you won’t be able to give required focus for any new habit integration.

Habit is about timeliness

It is very important to remind yourself about the new habit. I choose to follow my new habit just after an old one. This is called habit staking and it works for me. For example if I am trying to integrate a new habit of making to do list every evening for the next day. I would choose to schedule it just after dinner.

See how easily you will get reminder for it, and you are never going to miss out the dinner so the to do list.

“Do not re- miss the habit once you are on it. If one day is cheat day for you next day it should be your first priority.”

Habit should be easy

Not at last but at very first, I always choose the habit which is easy and doable for me, The difficulty level increases with the time once you are making one after other. I never choose a habit which will immediately start impacting my health and wealth or directly related to it. Rather I would choose to have one which are less in time but big in impact.

“Habits should feel like your leisure time with yourself.”

Trick to remember…….Mantra for habits

Choosing Habits: Kids love to Fit in

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