How Far The Money Can Take You In Life?

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“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” Jonathan Swift

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I have been reading and writing about money from quite some time and that’s a wonderful journey so far. The goods and the bads about money is interesting and fascinating as well.

Beyond goods and bads, there is one more aspect to the money which we all should ponder over. Yes, its the same as title suggest.

Well, how far money will take us?

The Story

A multimillion dollar company CEO Mr. John Ferris went to a vacation to explore the nature in the mountain land in India. There he wanted to actually stay in village to understand and experience the life in mountain land.

There he met a vegitable seller named Bharat in the village who hosted him in the village for a week. John was exited for the upcoming week since his vacation is gonna give him a complete new experience.

Few days passed away and john noticed that the Bharat is taking limited amount of vegetable to the village market and sell them away within few hrs and then come back home and play with kid, spent time with family and then go to sleep and wake up late in the morning then repeat the same everyday.

John was surprised to see the demand of vegitable was more but Bharat is not giving it an attention. John decided to speak with Bharat:

John called up Bharat for a tea together and said — Bharat I understand you are in the veggie business since long but I have a great idea to make you rich and upgrade your life altogether.

Bharat asked — How?

John continues — See the vegitable production is good in your farm and the demand is also high in the market. Why don’t you take more veggies to the market and sit for at least 7 to 8 hrs. You will earn more money and can do more farming.

Bharat asked — then?

You can actually export veggies to neighbouring villages and earn more money. You can become the giant veggie vendor for the region and then keep workers for the farm to manage all production and supply. Even you can settle to the nearest city and have a better life.

Bharat asked — then?

Well once you have money you can actually export veggies to other state and have 100's of employees under you.

Bharat asked with curiosity — then?

Once you are rich you can have a vacation like me, rest and spend time with family and you control your own time.

Bharat gave a big smile and taken permission to leave.

Actually Bharat didn’t understand the entire business model as he was quite happy with what he is having currently.

Next day Mr. John left the village and put a resignation from the current position.

Moral of the story; it is a complete cycle. And it is always about the choice you make in the life.

The Analysis

What do you think is the relation between the money and happiness?

Most of the us think that as much as money we get we become happy and prosperous. That’s exactly the impression which rich people try to give us and we are in there, in the false impressions. We are being told the lie and showed the half picture only.

That’s never like as we all think.

Initially, the graph shows the wealth and happiness are propotionally growing together but after a point the wealth is increasing but the happiness is just constant and starts going down.
Wealth v/s happiness

By this time (considering you have already crossed 20s), you have realised the fact that human desires are unlimited specially when it achieves the desired results.

Same goes with money as there is no end to the desire for money. Today no one can correctly define the enough money for them (considering lot of external factors too).

Ultimately, No one can say how far it will take us but the relation between wealth and happiness in above chart is enough to gauge what will happen with money in longer run if you keep pushing the bar.

Yes, the happiness will start falling after a point. we all are looking for happiness but the world is structured in such a way that money becomes an important medium through which we can lead our life towards happiness.

But in this rush, we simply ignore the happiness and run behind the money.

The Conclusion

So far, it is clear that the money can take you to the point where the happiness becomes constant just before falling down, at the same time wealth is still growing. You have to work hard to reach there. Once you are there, you better take a call for further life;

Either be prosperous or miserable, thats it. Wealth is just secondry to take a call on.




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