Five mindset shifts will make you “financially-emotionally-intelligent”.

Robert Kiyosaki once said- “I keep hearing. I would rather be happy than rich, why not both?!”

Money has its own way to behave with people. Every time It carries an emotion, so the economy runs. Ultimately, the transaction of people’s emotions has created such an illusionary ecosystem which is called “Economy”.

Just think of each penny you spend today, in one way or other, it is just your emotion which drove you to spend it. That’s where we spend good chunk of money, just because our emotions are attached to the product or service. Surprisingly, it is very rare when we spend to satisfy the need. Mostly its our emotional attachment to it.

Same way, if we are driven by emotions for our most financial decisions and transactions, then becoming wealthy seems to be impossible. No new worth can be created unless you are financially-emotionally-intelligent.

Below is platter full of tips to be more cautious and intelligent financially which will lead you to attract wealth.

Have abundance mindset

Abundance mindset is something which lacks in most people, mostly because of their past experience. I personally realised it later in my life; that my past experiences were keeping me away from adopting this mindset.

My father had limited income source. So, I have started making sense in such a way that things are limited everywhere. I became more of competitor for everything even with my siblings. I used to play lot of competition games to win my favorite sweet. But all that was just a game. I shouldn’t have taken it seriously. Yes, it was a mistake and I corrected it as soon as i realised it.

Let me tell you no money or opportunity is lost just because others are grabbing it. You are few miles away because you were ignoring the power of abundance mindset. Start trusting there is abundance for you. Also, be thankful what you have. You need to just dive into the sea and take out deep hidden pearls.

“This world has enough fortune for you to attract”

Know your sins and good deeds

When it comes to money, we commit sins in the form of just letting it go. Most of us do not pay much attention to our petty cash expenses which accumulates and becomes huge. Then we end up borrowing at the end of the month and sometime in the end of year.

The only key here is just keep tracking every penny you spend and become more conscious about your money. There are good deeds also which we generally ignore because it doesn’t reward us immediately. Giving away some of your income for a good cause may not be a big deal, but we just don’t do it. Some people think, small money cannot make others rich.

But we forget that the small money for you and me may have a big value for needy. Your tiny dollar/Rupee can serve big time to a life.

“ Pay gratitude every moment for being fortunate enough and start sharing it”.

Just invest instead of spent

I want to make sure that you change your way of thinking as you read this. We definitely have certain commitments towards our happiness, and I know lot of you are happy when you do shopping or spend money. Today I would request you to change your expenses into investment. Don’t get me wrong, you just have to say that you have invested on thing like cloth, glossaries etc. rather saying them expenses.

Adapting this simple habit will start making you more conscious about your daily affair of finances. Subconsciously, it will entirely change your compulsive expenses into smart investment.

Investment doesn’t mean only money is expected against it, but of course a return is expected. The value addition after investment will define your success on investment (SOI).

When you invest in yourself, the value addition may not be the measurable number but at the same time “SOI” can be measured. The subjectivity of return may fall along with feeling, motivation, self-improvements etc. and it has to be experienced by investors.

“Think like an investor. You will make right and necessary purchase only”.

Come out of slave mentality

Slave mentality is a psychological barrier which our brain network identifies as a necessity unless its broken. When we think our potential for earning is limited and bound ourselves in a cage of limitation, we enter in slave like thinking. Have you ever had a pet? Just observe them, what they have become because of your care and love. They have somewhere lost their own nature and became what you wanted them to be.

Humans are no exceptions; they can become the slave easily if someone tricks (illusionary job & financial security) their mind. I see lot of people around me who feels insecure for so many things in life. They are fearful about uncertainty of life. But, they just don’t consciously think, it is no way benefitting them. Conversely, it is hampering their confidence and self-worth which will finally lead them to compromise with quality of life.

We all might go in the same zone sometimes, but most important thing is, how you come out and become more reluctant towards slave mentality.

“Break the security cage and explore what is unexplored”

Choose value over cost

Whenever I see things; I see it from two perspective. One is off course affordability. In this world of consumerism, cost to customer is directly co-related to the value carried for him. And that’s the second things. No one….. believe me, no one will spend a single penny unless they see certain value in a product for them. Affordability becomes secondary if value for customer is clearly told through a product or service.

You may get some cheaper things which will burn your money but doesn’t add value in your life. You will end up wasting money without concrete return. So, when you choose value you spend smartly.

“When Cost of a product or service goes with human emotions, value will be created. Look for value always ”.

“If this was valuable as much as your time spent on reading, don’t forget to appreciate”