Do you regret in the morning? please don’t

“Success doesn’t follow your time table, it follows your progress”

1 min readApr 26, 2021


It was 1992 when I was born in a village in India. As our culture is to start the day earlier than the sun, I used the same time to study and become top student in my school days.

Fast forward 28 years, when I see myself today, waking up early becomes one of the most difficult task of a day.

And yes I fail everyday to wake-up early with a smile on my face as an another failure but do I wear it as a badge of honor? No. The good thing about my delayed morning is my smile which keeps me away from regret and feeling guilty.

No body becomes rich or poor by waking up early or late. It’s entire day efforts and mindset which helps in long run.

So just be hesitant to read those un-authentic blogs which claims to give you most absurd concept of “Becoming rich by waking up early”.

Waking up early means — only having more time for the work in a day. Be it personnel or professional, you get more time to complete the task.

So, be grateful for having good sleep rather looking at a time on your phone and regretting those one or may be more hours which are passed.

Relax — “You have entire day to win”.




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