Do you believe money is the answer for all your problem? — read this

3 min readMay 30, 2021

“Most of us are perceiving money as a solution for lot of our problems just because we don’t know anyone — who is hell rich around us.”

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

It was summer 2008, when I was ready to shift to new place for my further studies in India. As my entire family was residing in the village in India from the time my father had qualified for a teaching job, I had lot of assumptions about the life at city. And off course, all of it was pushed by influential Bollywood movies.

I can imagine the pressure I was undergoing just because I didn’t know the English which is considered to be an affluent language in India.

I was supposed to at least look like a kid from a decent family with good financial status to match my class fellows. And, it was all inside my mind as a strong belief. The imaginary peer pressure was so high, I decided to drop the plan just before my departure for the city.

Now I can’t believe, I had lived that imaginary life and decided to quit.

What happened next? Anyways, it doesn’t matter now. My intent was to tell you about mental state which can be so strong on decisions, without a real experience.

This is applied to most situation in our life. It is the mindset what we carry, and situations takes us to a particular state of mind. And trust me, everything is so dynamic; we just can’t be prepared for it.

Becoming richer is another fantasy which is watered as a solution for most of our problem in our society. But — In my opinion, money is the worst idea discovered by a human being. The whole chaos of disparity, poverty and inequality are the consequences of money.

But, hold on — there is a brighter side of it as any discovery by a human race. Yes, money has a power to channelize the resources through an exchange capacity which is in a way helping us to minimize the chaos for demand and supply.

You may become a billionaire thinking powerful enough to own resources, but the fact is we ignore the real problem with it. The “over ambitious syndrome”. We will start assuming things can be controlled through money just because society makes us feel we are achiever.

But the questions are,

What if system breaks? What if money losses its legal tender? What if a huge pandemic hits and all resources are either utilized (for free) or useless because something else is needed?

You are no more a billionaire but a poor human being who is equally suffering as others. We don’t realize that money is just a piece of paper or metal or both which doesn’t make sense lot of time in our life.

Do you want to validate the same?

Just go to Himalaya mountains (located in eastern India) and try to approach mount Kailasha with your stuff in bag pack, you won’t find anything is helping you except your courage and strength. Once you reach there, you will find the real joy just because it can’t be bought or exchange since nature doesn’t allow humans to take over.

And what you will learn is­­­­– you were living a life which may not make sense for you even in five down the line.

So what to do now — Simple, Be grateful what you have and experience the life as a process with a joy. And also remember end result is always at the end.




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