Am I “Failure” or just with “Fixed mindset”?

“Why we feel like a failure but may not be?”

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Recently I was reading a book named “Mindset” by Dr. Carrol S. Dweck. Throughout the book she was emphasizing mindset dichotomy, as we all say some people are god gifted with certain skill or ability, she claims it is just as rare as water in desert. The main reason for success is mostly mindset.

She talks about how mindset is divided into two opposites, growth, and fixed mindset. How deep rooted are few normative ( Girls are not good in math etc.) in society has a huge impact on people’s mindset. Honestly, the book has changed my perception towards life in a big way.

Throughout the book, I was never certain on my mindset. Mostly, it was situation, which was changing, so the mindset. Even though I tried balancing it out for me, but fixed mindset was dominating in most of incidences in my past experiences.

I never realised, intension to win or proving myself puts me in fixed mindset type. Initially I was not agreeing on what was written but when it went into the deep mind and connected with my soul, I somewhere agreed on it. Sometimes we become a part of crowd which functions under other expectations and unknowingly a fixed mindset will start prevailing.

There are so many examples given in the book which talks about athletes, entrepreneurs, leader’s journeys towards the success in their carrier. All of them are succeeded because of unusual mindset which is “Growth Mindset”.

I always believed in me and subconsciously molded myself to sustain anything at any degree. Sometimes I wonder, Why I never felt what failure is? why can’t I feel as hard as other people talks about it?

Then few reasons pops up in my mind

1. There was no goal in my life.

2. I was not clear about my life.

3. I have never felt the efforts which I will regret.

4. I have something big waiting to fail.

5. I never mind failure unless it puts me on poverty/broken relationship.

6. I’m least bother about others’ who usually make people feel failed.

7. I am a simply clueless and just trying out whatever is coming on my way.

You may fit into any of these, but just give a second thought whether you have ever failed, or it was just that moment which made you feel failed. Maybe it was a momentary fixed mindset only.



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